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New & Renewing  Corporate Members

Julie Dermis - Experience Kissimmee

Michelle Moore - Experience Kissimmee

Ashley Schmid - Experience Kissimmee

Melissa Villego - Experience Kissimmee

Mark Wilson - Curvware, Inc.



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Joost De Meyer - First Incentive Travel

Rosana De Vita - Vitaveg eco packaging

Susan Fitzgerald - Huddle Agency

Tamanna Mohaptra - Quiet Island LLC

Gaylin Thomas - Heartland Cultural Alliance

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On March 21st, SENFC hosted an outstanding virtual educational program on Food Trends at Meetings & Events based on research by Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and presented by Melissa Milione, Hyatt's Corporate Director of Events.

She commented, "The big themes in F&B include a focus on quality over quantity. There are always emerging health trends, and we’ll look at those. Planners are getting back on the sustainability path after a huge step backward."

"I took 4 pages of notes" shared SENFC President, Joanna Berens.  "Captivating for the entire 55 minutes," added SENFC's Francis Purvey.

Find the recording here or on our YouTube channel here.

Food Donation Improvement Act Signed Into Law 

On January 5, 2023 President Biden signed into law the Food Donation Improvement Act (FDIA)—legislation that will reduce both food waste and food insecurity. The bipartisan Bill passed in the Senate by unanimous consent and in the House by voice vote at the end of December. 

The act enhances the coverage of the Emerson Act by expanding liability protection in two ways that will support modern food donation. 

First, the FDIA will extend liability protection to donations offered to recipients at a good Samaritan reduced price—a price that is not greater than the cost of handling, administering, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, and distributing the food. Currently, the Emerson Act only protects food donations if the final recipient receives the food for free. 

Second, the FDIA will extend protections to certain donations given by food businesses, those which are already required to comply with food safety requirements, directly to those in need. Currently the law only protects food donors who donate food to a nonprofit organization which distributes the food to food insecure individuals. Food insecure individuals will now be able to pick up food directly from the source, such as local restaurants, grocery stores, and schools. Read more or watch a recording on the subject by Food Rescue Hero.

Reefhouse Resort in Key Largo partners with MOTE to create a Reef Reforestation Nursery

A unique land-based coral reef restoration nursery has taken shape in Key Largo, Florida. Overseen by the Sarasota-based Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, the nursery is located at Reefhouse Resort & Marina, providing a perfect opportunity to educate visitors, including meeting attendees, on the importance of reef protection and restoration and a direct avenue for Mote to respond to the urgent plight of Florida’s fragile coral reef. Warming waters, increased acidity from carbon emissions, a devastating coral disease, and other stressors have left the once thriving reef near the brink of extinction. The new land-based coral nursery is the first and only of its kind in Key Largo and has enabled MOTE to deliver best-in-class, resilience-focused restoration efforts to the Upper Keys.

In addition to housing the nursery, the Reefhouse Resort hosts special awareness events, such as the upcoming Earth Day Education Experience (April 21), where SENFC and SITE members will experience a special tour and discussion program thus able promote the resort and nursery within the incentive, meetings and events industries. meeting Learn more and Register

Reefhouse Resort & Marina is a member of the Opal Collectiona premier assortment of luxury hotels and resorts located in some of the most treasured destinations on the East Coast. 

40 Fun Ways To Celebrate Earth Day All Summer Long

From OneTreePlanted.org

Spring has sprung, and Earth Day is right around the corner! If you're anything like us, you're probably itching to do all the nature-related things and perhaps wondering: are there any fun things to do near me?

Well we're happy to assure you that from climbing trees (or planting them!) to geocaching and starting a compost, there are plenty of ways you can get outside and celebrate Earth Day throughout the summer — no matter where you live. The best part? Most of these won't cost you a dime!  Read more

And Learn how to be a sustainability enthusiast and advocate

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Calendar of Events

April 20, 2023 (7:00pm) - Green Tie Affair (sponsored by the North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce)  Learn more and Register

April 21, 2023 - SITE & SENFC celebrate Earth Day at the Reefhouse Resort & Marina in Key Largo with a workshop on Coral Reef Restoration at the MOTE coral nursery at the resort.  Register

April 22, 2023 - Earth Day  Learn more

May 4, 2023 (4:00pm) SENFC Virtual Networking on Sustainability:  "Share Your Event Composting Successes (or Failures!)"  Register

June 1, 2023 (4:00pm ET) - SENFC Virtual Networking: “Let’s Get Sustainable with Our Time, Budgets and Energy – Share How You Do More with Less!”

Congratulations to Vickie Corder, SENFC Board Member and Recipient of the 2023 Womens Food Alliance Golden Pineapple Award

With a mission to cultivate and advance networking, education, and collaboration for women in the culinary and hospitality industry in the Northeast Florida region the Womens Food Alliance (WFA) honored Vickie Corder, HelmBriscoe's Senior Director of Global Accounts, with the 2023 Golden Pineapple Award for "her dedication and hard work in becoming a leader in the hospitality industry."

A poem about Vickie from the Womens Food Alliance - and all of us at SENFC...

For decades, this international travel pro still leads the pack planning foreign travel trips.

An independent consultant who’s respected for her savvy and always sharing helpful tips.

You never know where she’s directing thousands of meeting planners to consider next,

But you can bet that she’s been there, knows the ropes and has everything perfectly indexed!

She’s wild about networking through volunteering, caring so much about community need

Which has been the foundation of her career, business successes ~ a generous philanthropist indeed!

14 Sustainability Terms

You Need to Know

By Natalie Lowe as seen on MeetingsNet

Confused by sustainability jargon? Here are some key terms and definitions to help you get your footing as you work to reduce the footprint of your meetings and events. 

Biodegradable refers to substances or objects that can be broken down by bacteria or other living organisms. Be careful with this term because it doesn’t always mean the product is good for the environment. A biodegradable product can produce harmful materials as it breaks down. For example, some biodegradable plastics produce methane as they decompose in landfills—and it’s a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon.  More

Firing a Pottery Kiln Using Waste Vegetable Oil

When SENFC President, Joanna Berens, was recently in Bermuda on vacation, she discovered an innovative and sustainability-focused artisan in Jon Faulkner.  He fires his salt-glaze ceramics in an environmentally friendly kiln, which he built himself in 2008. Faulkner develops all of his own glazes from scratch, and they mature in reduction at cone 10 (2360F) over a 16-hour long firing process.

His work has become more organic and quieter. He is moved to return to a simpler approach through embracing a less embellished style and process that celebrates the raw basis of the medium and reduces his reliance on material processing and machinery. 

Key to Joanna was his use of waste vegetable oil from hotels and restaurants to fire his kiln.  

Learn more about Jon Faulkner Pottery and his unique craft.