The greatest threat to our planet

is the belief that someone else will save it.

 Robert Swan, explorer and conservation advocate

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

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"Let's Get Sustainable with Our Time, Budgets and Energy"


New & Renewing  Corporate Members

Christopher Gero Prado - HelmsBriscoe

Lindy Long - HelmsBriscoe

Steven Pollock - HelmsBriscoe

Dyhalma Torres - Helms Briscoe



New & Renewing Individual Members

Dahlton Bennington - PROfound Planning

Vickie Corder - HelmsBriscoe

Kaliente' Dixon - Florida Sheriffs Association

Lauren Halpern - Make A Statement Events

Francis Purvey - Sunlark Associates

Joni Roberts - Evolution University

SENFC Spearheads Zero Food Waste in Broward County

April was a busy month for Zero Food Waste Initiatives! On April 2nd, the organizers of the Savor South Florida Food Festival, which took place on Hollywood Beach, donated 4 pallets of unused food and product to Broward Outreach Center.  And despite the flooding rains that pummeled the Fort Lauderdale area in mid-April, the popular Rock the Ocean Tortuga Music Festival took place on Fort Lauderdale Beach on the weekend of April 14-16.  Over 700 pounds of prepared food and product were donated over a 3-day span to Faith Farm Ministries.  After the event, Broward Outreach Center picked up 4 pallets of leftover food, bottled water, beverages, supplies and even towels while Farm Share was able to rescue almost 4 pallets of flavored seltzer water. Additionally, over 20,000 pounds of food was composted  at Tortuga, thanks to the extensive efforts of Xavier DeRoos (SENFC board member) and his team at Renuable Composting. Renuable partnered with Grease Beast to recycle the cooking oil and the single use plastic gloves were recycled as well!

Food Waste Prevention Week Heralded

The third annual Food Waste Prevention Week took place April 10-16 and SENFC continued its cherished partnership with FIU's Chaplin School of Hospitality in co-hosting two virtual webinars aimed at the hospitality and events industries:  "Zero Food Waste at Large Scale Events" and "We Knead to Dough Better!", a chef's demo of international recipes using leftover bread.  Thank you to Lisa Accardi of ReFED, Diane and Syd Mandelbaum of Rock and Wrap It Up!, Dr. John Buschman of FIU and Chef John Noble Masi of FIU for their valuable content contributions to our programming.  Both webinars can be accessed for viewing at no cost on the SENFC website here or at the SENFC YouTube Channel.

SENFC At XSITE Tallahassee 2023

SENFC Board Member Vickie Corder was joined by SENFC Member Loretta Noonan, and SENFC Intern, Kandy Marroquin to promote Sustainable Meetings and Events at the XSITE trade show on May 10th in Tallahassee.  Many thanks to XSITE President, Richard Miseyko, for supporting SENFC at this event.

SENFC At Earth Day Events

Clockwise from top left -

* SENFC & SITE members learned reef restoration at the MOTE Reef Nursery at the Reefhouse Resort & Marina in Key Largo. SENFC Board Member, Vickie Corder, was present, but not pictured;

* SENFC President, Joanna Berens, and others at the City of Hollywood Earth Day event helping to distribute EcoEggs (for laundry);

* SENFC Board Member Xavier DeRoos and his volunteer team were at the same event in Hollywood promoting composting;

* Environmental Learning Center (a SENFC partner) Executive Director Barbara Schlitt Ford, along with SENFC Board Members Sue Flak and Francis Purvey were presented an Earth Day Proclamation from the City of Vero Beach; 

* SENFC intern, Kandy Marroquin represented SENFC at an Earth Day event sponsored by JEPB (Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board) and JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority). 

And Learn how to be a sustainability enthusiast and advocate

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Calendar of Events

May 20, 2023 (9:00am-11:00am) - Volunteer with MORAES at Crandon Park in Miami to help plant native sea oats and conduct a citizen science-based beach cleanup in collaboration with MUVE (Museum Volunteers for the Environment) and Miami-Dade County's Miami EcoAdventuresLearn more and sign-up

June 1, 2023 (4:00pm ET) - SENFC Virtual Networking: “Let’s Get Sustainable with Our Time, Budgets and Energy – Share How You Do More with Less!” Register

June 8, 2023 - World Oceans Day Learn more

June 20, 2023 (4:00pm ET) - SENFC Virtual Education:  Save the Date

Survey of Travelers Finds 76% Want More Sustainable Options

A new travel report from found that 76% of respondents hope to embrace sustainable travel plans over the next year. The survey also found that many travelers are looking into more ways to reduce their impacts while traveling, from reusing linens to turning off the AC in their hotels and other accommodations.

In the 2023 Sustainable Travel Report, which collected responses from over 33,000 travelers around the world, found that a vast majority of those who travel are looking to do so in a more sustainable manner. 

Some travelers (43%) are willing to pay a little more, though, to support certified sustainable travel options.  Further, the report noted other barriers to sustainable travel, including a perceived lack in sustainable travel options and an uncertainty in where to search for travel options that promote environmental stewardship and support local communities. Respondents also showed some distrust in the validity of sustainable claims and credentials.

A Sustainable Gift With Sustainable Benefits 

Sustainability Award Winner In Good Taste curated a portfolio of high-quality wines into tasting flights, featuring six or eight single-glass servings in patented 6oz mini bottles.

The second best feature of the wine bottles is that they are both recyclable and upcyclable - as a single bud vase, or oil, spirits and vinegar infusions, home-made syrups and more.

For curated wine collection purchases made until June 30, 2023, use the promotional code SENFC15 for a 15% discount. Shipping available only to USA addresses.

So, what exactly is the connection between booking meetings and planting trees? Ask ALHI...

When planners confirm a meeting with Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI), a tree is planted and they receive a personalized gift certificate and thank you note showing where the trees are located, from the mangroves of Kenya and Indonesia to the rainforests of Brazil. The sustainability program is made possible through ALHI’s partnership with Evertreen, the worldwide platform to plant trees. Learn more...

New Smyrna Beach becomes First One Planet Living City® in Florida 

New Smyrna Beach is the first One Planet Living® city in Florida? Sustainable tourism – which establishes a suitable balance among the environmental, economic and sociocultural aspects of tourism development – plays an important role in conserving biodiversity. It attempts to minimize its impact on the environment and local culture so it will be available for future generations while contributing to generating income, employment and the conservation of local ecosystems. So, what is One Planet Living? It’s a holistic framework designed by sustainability experts Bioregional and the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to encourage sustainable living. To learn how your city can participate, visit One Planet Living® sustainability framework – Bioregional.  

St Pete & Clearwater Offer "Green" Hotels

Bright blue skies, stunning beaches, swaying palm trees, pristine waterways – Mother Nature is the star of the show in St. Pete & Clearwater. Meeting planners who want to help protect these gorgeous surroundings can bring groups to these environmentally friendly hotels and join in their efforts to be good stewards of this beautiful area. Learn more

Meanwhile, Clearwater officials say the city’s four-year-long recycling failure has been corrected, and they want to prove it to residents. The city unveiled an online dashboard where the public can track how many tons are being recycled each month. Following the discovery of the recycling breach in January, the city as of April is sending 100% of the recycling it picks up from residents to the processor, according to solid waste assistant director Kervin St Aimie.

Experience Kissimmee,

A SENFC Corporate Member,

Launches Sustainability Incentives

Experience Kissimmee is making strides in sustainability efforts with two new programs.

The first is the expansion of the “It Pays to Meet in Kissimmee” program, which now includes an initiative with Trees4Travel to plant trees equivalent to the number of group room nights to help with creating future forests, restoring eco-systems, and supporting biodiversity and local communities.  Learn more

The second program will reduce carbon emissions from all air and ground travel conducted by Experience Kissimmee staff by incorporating an emissions calculator into the staff travel request form. The calculator will automatically determine the number of trees that the destination marketing organization (DMO) will plant through the Trees4Travel program to rebalance the carbon footprint generated by each business trip.

The Caribbean's "Greenest"

Hotels & Resorts in 2023

The term “green” has had quite the journey over the last few decades. What began as a term that demonstrated concern for the environment has become an all-encompassing philosophy covering everything from clean energy to a holistic approach to sustainable development. Ultimately, it’s about impact — reducing impact on the environment, while expanding impact on the local community.

When we talk about green hotels in the Caribbean, we’re talking about all of these things. While the increased conversation on sustainability is a very welcome development, there are certain hotels in the region doing a bit more to make a “green” impact, whether from journeying off the grid to being climate-smart to making a deeper difference in their local communities.  See the Caribbean Journal's list of the top 15 sustainability-focused hotels and resorts here.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, Aruba

Rockhouse, Jamaica